How To Get The Most Out Of Your Ozone Treatment

We’ve put together a couple of point on how to get the most out of your Ozone treatment.

1) Diet

Ozone mainly works by removing inflammation. The longer you can make that inflammation stay gone the more will you benefit from your ozone treatments.

Especially when treating conditions like arthritis, psoriasis, Multiple Sclerosis or a host of other inflammatory conditions, the gains that you will see from ozone may be minor or short-lived if you keep eating pro-inflammatory foods at the same time.

Even if you see a big positive change in your well-being from ozone, as soon as you indulge in some sugary snacks, the symptoms will likely come back. So diet is the number one factor to make the most out of your ozone treatments.

Which diet is the best to keep inflammation down? 

In my opinion that’s the carnivore diet. So a diet which consists of eating only meat.

Burgers and sprats. On the carnivore diet you can eat everything from the animal kingdom: all meats, fish, seafood, dairy, and eggs. There are people who don’t eat dairy since they feel it contributes to inflammation, weight gain, and addiction. Some people also abstain from eggs. Another subgroup eats only and exclusively beef. 

If you go to or check out Facebook groups like “World Carnivore Tribe” or “Zeroing in on Health” or “100% carnivore and beyond” you can read of people who have eliminated conditions like chronic joint pain, Irritable Bowel syndrome, colitis, or Multiple Sclerosis.

The next best diet after that is the ketogenic diet. And the one after that is the paleo diet. 

But even doing something as simple as cutting out sugar and gluten can have a dramatic impact on one’s well-being.

A low oxalate diet is in my opinion another approach which can help you deal with ozone therapy better.

Oxalates are tiny crystals contained in all plant foods. Some foods have a lot of them, like for example spinach, chard, or nuts. Others, like for example white rice, contain very little oxalates. Animal foods and fish contain no oxalates at all. The crystals can lodge themselves in essentially every body tissue, like joints, thyroid, blood vessels, and the brain, and cause all sorts of problems.

Oxalates can cause inflammation, pain, irritation, can disrupt important bioelectric processes, can produce kidney stones, and calcifications throughout the body. 

I have the strong suspicion that ozone therapy is able to remove oxalates. I think that this may explain many Herxheimer reactions we observe after ozone, like the extremely itchy rash people get after ozone saunas but not after regular saunas. I also assume that the discomfort experienced by some women after vaginal ozone insufflations can be due to a release of oxalates.

I believe that lowering one’s oxalate burden by going on a low oxalate diet can lead to having less uncomfortable Herxheimer reactions and being able to shorten the time and reduce the number of ozone applications.

The website contains lists with high and low oxalate foods.

If you go on a low oxalate diet for a month before doing an ozone spa you will probably get more out of it.

Be it the carnivore, keto, paleo, or a sugar/gluten-free diet – changing what you eat can be the single most powerful intervention you can do in the fight for good health. Combining the right diet with ozone can in my opinion supercharge your experience and make sure you get the most out of your ozone investment. It may be even the deciding factor whether ozone therapy will be a success in your case or not. 

2) Don’t do vitamin C IVs or glutathione IVs together with ozone

Giving a potent antioxidant after ozone will result in a lessening effect of the ozone treatment.

3) Do ozone treatments closely together

Don’t allow for a lot of time to pass between single ozone appointments. In most cases, it’s better to do more ozone in a given amount of time than to put in longer breaks.

So, in general it’s better to do 2 or 3 or more applications per week than to do them once a week or even once a month.

Doing ozone once a month probably doesn’t really qualify as a therapy but more as a past-time activity.

If you do allow for a lot of time to pass between single ozone visits because you feel that that’s how long it takes for you to get over what you assume is a Herxheimer reaction then what you may be really going through is an adverse reaction to ozone, not a Herx. It could be that ozone is simply not the right treatment for you. 

Especially with intravenous ozone applications Herxheimer reactions either don’t happen at all or are very mild. Although, there are exceptions. As always.

For those who do well on ozone and get daily ozone treatments for a month or two can be a very good idea. It appears that once ozone starts a certain healing or immune modulating process, it’s more beneficial to keep at it in an intensive manner than do disjointed treatments which are spaced apart by weeks or months. Which is why ozone retreats often deliver great results.

But sometimes people come back from their Oxone treatment and see their health gains evaporate within a few weeks.

In that case, either find a local ozone doctor and get some regular maintenance IVs, or do it at home.

4) PEMFs

PEMFs appear to work synergistically with ozone. So if you want to turbo charge your ozone experience, PEMFs may be the way to go.

PEMF stands for Pulsed Electro Magnetic Frequencies. They are part of a branch of medicine which deals with bioelectricity and bioelectromagnetics, or the fact that our cells produce electric and electromagnetic fields and currents.

There is a wide variety of machines which claim to have therapeutic effects by subjecting the human body to various forms of electricity, electric or electromagnetic fields.

Some assume that disease starts with our cells losing their electrical charge. PEMF machines are supposed to re-establish that charge and as a consequence re-store health.

And there is some research which seems to support the idea that electric fields are beneficial for us. For example during electroconvulsion therapy one subjects the patient’s brain to electrical current. This apparently can cure depression in up to 50% of cases.

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