Ozone Therapy: Flood Your Body With Oxygen

OZONE easily enters your bloodstream during an ozone steam therapy session, enabling your congested tissues and organs to clear waste, toxic stores, viruses, bacteria, yeast, moulds, fungal and parasites. These ‘wastes’ leaves the body through the colon, lungs, kidneys and skin. Often this detox discolours the towel and gives an indication of where the weakened sick cells have been cleared in the body. Sometimes, the toxic overloaded body needs to gain energy during a few sessions to facilitate detoxification, leaving the towel clear. A few ozone steam sessions taken every other day will encourage the detoxification.

The ultimate cause of all disease and imbalance in the body is a lack of sufficient oxygen.

Ozone steam therapy starts a process of decongesting and rebalancing the body which will continue for about 3 days after your session. Ozone will actively penetrate your blood for about 2 hours after your session, therefore you should not wash your skin for those 2 hours. You are squeaky clean!

Light to moderate exercise, sunlight, lots of water and fresh food will take the stress off your body as you go through the detox period. Dealing with emotions and managing stress will support the immune system during this time. Headache, stiffness, nausea, thirst and feeling tired and agitated are all symptoms of detoxification and in time will pass.

Benefits of Ozone Steam Therapy:

  • Improves collagen fibre function
  • Boosts blood oxygen
  • Ideal for stretch marks and cellulite
  • Detoxifies & oxygenates
  • Anti-ageing benefits
  • Boosted antioxidant defences

Courtesy of Oxylisious

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